Cancer Screening

Catching cancer early is really important so if you are concerned we would encourage you to see a doctor quickly and put your mind at ease or, if needs be, to get the right testing and treatment as soon as possible. Our fully qualified and insured GPs can offer a range of Cancer screening including:

Abdominal Cancer Screening

This extensive scan screens for bowel cancers and includes stomach, colon, liver and rectal cancers in addition to pancreatic and ovarian cancers. It is 85% accurate and can detect cancers before even before symptoms manifest themselves. The computer generates a detailed three-dimensional (3-D) model of the colon enabling an internal view of the colon to identify any early abnormalities. This scan is carried out privately at St Richards Hospital Chichester.

Advanced Prostate Cancer Screening

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer amongst men and causes 10 000 deaths in the UK every year. Although the causes are unknown, a family history does indicate a greater risk of contracting this disease. However, if caught early and treated appropriately, the recovery rates are extremely good. 

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans are particularly effective in identifying soft-tissue cancers, such as prostate, as the magnetic resonance uses the properties of the soft tissue itself to create the detail in the image. 
By combining an MRI scan with a blood test to check Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) levels, we can offer a highly effective screen for this disease.

Cervical cancer screening

Cervical Smear which tests for Human Papilloma Virus and Cervical cancer cell abnormalities.
The NHS cervical screening program prevents any smears between the screening process and we hope to be able to provide you with reassurance regarding your smear status without waiting years for the next test.

This test can be done at any time but the best results are obtained when avoiding menstruation.

Results are available in 3-5 working days.